Naši dodavatelé

Naši dodavatelé

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Holštýnský skot

Vše začíná ve správném výběru našeho dodavatele kva- litního a zároveň dostupného masa , které bez váhání jíme my sami a proto z něj vaříme a prodáváme ho i Vám na- šim zákazníkům. Je pro nás důležité vědět a být přesvěd- čeni o tom, že prodáváme to čemu sami věříme a máme tu nejlepší zkušenost. Proto nakupujeme hovězí a telecí maso z Holandska , kde nám náš dodavatel i výrobce de- klaruje a zajišťuje splňování nejvyšších standardů. Z nichž těmi nejdůležitějšími jsou dobré životní podmínky zvířat a sledovatelnost v celém výrobním řetězci.

Petron game meat from Czech hunters

Petron game meat comes from an exclusively Czech hunting association, which thanks to their year-round care of the animals ensures the meat is of very high quality. Game meat is returning to domestic restaurants and households. High-quality meat of fur and feathered game animals under the Petron brand is processed in modern facilities in the Czech Republic. Game meat is delivered to the market in stable quality from verified animals caught in our forests. We want to return this valuable traditional food to our restaurant menu.

Ecofarm František Berka Tanvald

About us We have been breeding beef cattle for over twenty years. Our priority is a quality approach to and care of our cattle. We wish to gradually create and improve a pleasant environment for animals and to conduct breeding at the highest level. All this ensures the unsurpassed taste of meat from our organic farm.

Goat farm Pěnčín

It is a dream come true for one family who decided to change their way of life. They reclaimed their independence and seized the opportunity to do things that are meaningful and beneficial for others. All the goats thrive in a clean environment, spending all their time grazing on wild pastures that are unique to the Pěnčín area. We make all our own feed sourced from local alpine meadows. The reward for all this effort is goat‘s milk of the highest quality and fresh ripened hard cheese production. All our cheeses are characterised by a unique taste and smoothness of flavour.

Fishery Skalní mlýn

Located in the pristine nature of the Moravian Karst in the Protected Landscape Area, where the water remains unpolluted from chemical substances. We are the only facility with this kind of fish farming in karst waters within Europe. The fish are reared in the water of the Punkva River, which originates in an ecologically clean location and never exceeds a temperature of 13°C. We have held the registered Punkva trout trademark since 2008.

Roviny Distillate

a word from the owner Petr Skopal
In the small village of Prosenice, in our orchards, in the family distillery, fruit spirits of the finest taste are born. Haná is a mosaic of fields interwoven with villages, rivers, hop farms and orchards. The Jeseníky Mountains tower over the distant horizon, covered in a fine haze. We are part of this region and it is part of us. We love our orchards and the surrounding nature. We like hot summers and the long shadows of golden autumn. We love our work – from the calluses on our hands to picking fruit fresh off the tree to the smell of kvass ready to be distilled. As it was for our grandfathers and their grandfathers before them. Fruit spirits are a Moravian tradition, the pride of every family. We took our family pride a step further. We distilled years of experience into our own brand of schnapps, which carry the finest flavour nuances. Soil, heat and water are the wealth of these planes. It is a wealth that has many forms and, above all, many tastes. Our Roviny taste like the sweetest of fruit, such as delicate plums, juicy apricots and butter-sweet pears from the surroundings of Prosenice.

Gin Dlabka

a word from the owners Ondřej and Kateřina Dlabola
The story of the Dlabka cider house and craft distillery Our life fundamentally changed in 2017, when we found a place in Svijanský Újezd that charmed both of us. As soon as we saw the perfect view of Trosky and Ještěd and smelled the scent of the local trees, we decided to stay here and build something together. Honest craftsmanship in harmony with nature. We try as much as possible to return to the roots of the orchard and distillery craft. We don‘t use chemical sprays and, rather than heavy machinery, you will meet pigs among the trees in our orchards, taking care of the natural fertilisation and finishing off the fallen fruit, cats hunting mice and other rodents, or our terrier Maki on her morning walk. Bees are also a matter of course for us, thanks to which we always have a perfectly pollinated orchard, excellent honey for our own consumption and, most importantly, the opportunity to give something back to the surrounding nature through them.